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In this one, Snack shows off the parakeets of Brooklyn!

Each episode, Zooville features captivating missions that explore how animals live in the city and how we can harmoniously coexist with them.

Identification, research and action are central to each Zooville mission. Zooville agents track down information on our feathered, furry and scaly friends. They give viewers a full description of the animal and meet with experts who help them better understand the creature and its habits.

Entertaining and exciting animation vignettes highlight each animal’s particular traits. Postcards from different places and times shed further light on the animal or one of its close relatives.

Chock full of tips, advice and practical information, each mission also suggests ways of modifying our behaviour, our habits and even our environment to preserve urban wildlife in its natural environment. After all, every animal plays a key role in maintaining the balance of our urban ecosystems.